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Super Junior at Malaysia...(19.03.2011)SUPER SHOW 3

The Most handsome South Korea male artist of 2011 chosen by Netizen /16.02.11/

1. Hyunbin
2. Kim Hyun Joong
3. Song Seung Heon
4. Kim Jae Joong
5. Jung il-woo
6. Yoo Ah-In
7. Park Yoo Chun
8. Lee Seung Gi
9. Lee Min Ho
10. Jang Geun Suk
11. Kim Bum
12. Song Joongki
13. Nickhun
14. Jung Yonghwa
15. Lee Hongki
16. Rain
17. Taecyeon
18. Bae Yong Jun
19. Kwon Sang-woo
20. So Ji-sub
21. Won Bin
22. Yoo Seung Ho
23. No Min Woo
24. Lee Junki
25. Choung Kyung Ho

Recently a Korean website did a survey on ’2011 The most handsome South Korea male artist’ chosen by the netizen. Korea’s hottest drama ‘Secret Garden’ main male actor Hyunbin captures many female fans, and won the 1st position. Kim Hyun Joong who is popular in Asia took the 2nd position with his popularity, which shows the strength of a popular idol. ‘Hallyu star’ Song Seung Heon who star in TV drama ‘My Princess’ with only general viewing, whose charm did not lose by the other 2, took the 3rd position.

Lirik Lagu Beautiful-Beast

Beautiful my girl
My beautiful my girl and I
So beautiful my girl [in the cube]
Ha ha girl
This is my confession
Drop that beat

Oh listen to my heart nae mam deureobwa bwa eotteon mallodo neoreul pyohyeonhal su eobtjiman
geunyang nae stylero nae mam deullyeojulge oh listen listen listen girl

Nothing better than you
sesangeul da jwodo
you you you you
neowa bakkujin motae

Hey baby girl maeiri jeulgeowo sasil jom duryeowo nuga mworaedo neon I want

So beautiful my girl oh oh girl oh oh girl sigani jinado
nuguboda naega deo deo deo neoreul akkyeojulge my girl modu da julge
neo [U] neoege [U] eege oh oh
niga eodi itdeun dallyeo gal su isseo I always think about you
jigeumboda naega deo deo deo neoreul saranghalge my girl you you you my girl

[U] oh beautiful [U] so beautiful [U] my beautiful nothing better than you
oh beautiful [U] so beautiful [U] my beautiful [Don't be shy girl]

niga himdeul ttaen eonjena I’ll be there amuttaena naege wa naui pume angyeo
geunyang nuneul gamgo nae mam deureobwa bwa oh listen listen listen girl

Nothing better than you
amudo mot maga
you you you you
neol hyanghan naui maeum

haruui seumulle siganeul neol wihae sseodo akkapji anheun ge naya Just take my hand and fly

So beautiful my girl [U] oh oh girl [U] oh oh girl sigani jinado
nuguboda naega deo deo deo neoreul akkyeojulge my girl modu da julge
neo [U] neoege [U] eege oh oh
niga eodi itdeun dallyeo gal su isseo I always think about you
jigeumboda naega deo deo deo neoreul saranghalge my girl you you you my girl

[U] oh beautiful [U] so beautiful [U] my beautiful nothing better than you
oh beautiful [U] so beautiful [U] my beautiful
Beautiful my girl

Make a love baby Just make a love
Feeling in my heart
So nice

So beautiful my girl oh oh girl oh oh girl sigani jinado
nuguboda naega deo deo deo neoreul akkyojulge my girl modu da julge
neo [U] neoege [U] eege oh oh
niga molli isseodo deukkil su isseo I’m always dreaming about you
jigeumboda naega deo deo deo neoreul saranghalke my girl you you you my girl

[U] oh beautiful [U] so beautiful [U] my beautiful nothing better than you
oh beautiful [U] so beautiful [U] my beautiful nothing better than you

Friday, March 18, 2011

2PM moves to a large villa and finally get their own rooms.

The boys of 2PM will finally get their own rooms, as it was reported that the group has recently moved to a large villa near their agency in Seoul Cheongdamdong.
The villa they are reported to be moving to has six rooms, one for each member, and the members are said to have paid for the rent equally.
Prior to this arrangement, the members shared rooms and lived in their dorms with only three rooms between them. However, although 2PM does not have reason to live together anymore, as they have enough money to live in their own place, they are continuing to live in a dorm setup, saying, “I don’t want to be away from my close members“.
The members reportedly said that in their old environment, two or three members slept in the same room, and that created situations which were unbearably uncomfortable. However, they are very happy at the fact that they are now each getting their own rooms.
A representative from JYP Entertainment said, “The members don’t go home when told to return to their dorm. When they don’t have a schedule, they just stay in their dorm or come to the office and play around. They don’t really know how to go to bars or places like that, so sometimes they ask the office staff to buy them a drink. There is a sake bar near their dorm, so that’s where they all go sometimes. The members are very close, so they only hang out by themselves“.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Looking from his outlook, he looks like an “urban style man” who is at a fancy café terrace drinking espresso and at the same time managing his schedule on his smart phone. But in actual fact, he is far from the image that we had imagined to be, he doesn’t enjoy using not just the smart phone but as well as the internet too. He is the “Analog man” who you meet once in a while at the soccer field asking “How are you doing?” more than sending mails via the mobile.

His “cool” talk about Korean drama Playful Kiss
Ø  From TV version to YouTube version, it’s quite a long time spent for one drama.
When one of the works such as albums and dramas etc has finished, I would think that another one more of my works has increased which in future I could show to my children and boast about it. This drama
Playful Kiss is one of such works.

Ø  For the filming of the YouTube version, was there any special experience that you had…
Comparing to the broadcast on TV, there isn’t really much restriction to the “exposure of brand names”. During the broadcast on TV, as there are restrictions in regards to the exposure of brand names, there were many times we almost laughed out as we were trying to hide the brand names. Needless to say we have to also take note of the restriction in the midst of the dialogues and scenes…. So for the YouTube special version, we are free from all these restrictions and as we were able to act freely, which is very good as more possibilities are widened.

Ø  This piece of work is your first drama as the leading actor alone, do you feel attached, regrets about it?
For this work, I can feel how much responsibility there is alone as the leading actor.

Ø  Unfortunately the viewership did not increase, in regards to this what do you think about it?
Frankly speaking, I wasn’t worried about it. If I were to worry about the viewer ratings, surely from the beginning I would have choose a blockbuster drama. I have no regrets at all as I acted the character that I wanted to act as and I have work hard for it.
Ø  how was the reactions around?
The people around are more worried about the ratings than I do. So on the contrary I encouraged and said, “As I have expected that it would be low, later it will go up”… (laughs)

Ø  In the drama, with heroine Jung So Min having a sweet love story, is the style of love of Baek Seung Jo the same as Hyun Joong??
Totally different. Because I do not want to love like he did (laughs). He looks slightly unfriendly but in fact he is caring type of guy. While I’m acting as him, there are times when I could not agree with his style of love. I feel that if you like, you should express it out.

Ø  while acting, in fact do you feel that you want to fall in love too?
In fact I haven’t really thought about it. Actually, I don’t really have the time for it…. The first thing that I could think of is “I want to sleep even for a minute more!” (laughs). This is how tight the filming schedule was. How can I be so carefree and think of “I want to be in love!” (laughs)?
Ø  Following after Boys Over Flowers, this time the story is also revolves around the school, other than the original story is adapted from manga, is there any other similarity?
Overall the lines seemed unnatural…(laughs). Yoon Ji Hoo and Baek Seung Jo’s lines and the way I talk, the words I used are a big difference. Well it can’t be helped since it’s a campus story.

Ø   Have you thought about your next work or character?
I would like to try acting in action dramas or pure love story drama. As I have already acted as a romantic, kind character, I would like to try acting a bad character.

Analog boy, a glance at Kim Hyun Joong’s daily life

Ø when you are not working, what do you do?
Definitely soccer! Even during the time filming
Playful Kiss, no matter how little time I have to sleep, I will definitely join in to play soccer. The members are made up from junior high school and high school students to elderly people. I’m always playing with my trainer and dancers.

Ø  Heard that you have excellent reflexes. Which position are you at?
Position doesn’t really matters in normal soccer team in the region (laughs). When I don’t have the strength, I will be at the back, it depends on the condition I am on that day and if it’s good I will attack. The position changed in according to the condition of the body at that time.

Ø Though there are a lot of artistes who are hooked onto smart phones and twitter, Hyun Joong didn’t join in?
I hardly play games or use the internet. Usually I will check my mails, look at my news articles, visiting my fan café and leaving message…, 30minutes would be enough. I also don’t use a smart phone as I have no interest in it.

Ø  do you often keep in contact with TVXQ’s Jae Joong and Yoo Chun?
Playful Kiss which I have acted in and Yoo Chun’s SungKyunKwan Scandal ended at the same time. Though it was decided to gather together but JYJ overseas activities had started so we could not carried out what we had promised…. I think when things have been settled, we would go have a drink together.

Ø  It was said that you had a rival relationship with Yoo Chun. Even on the popularity polls, both of you were always fighting over the 1st and 2nd place….
Both of us have a lot in common, debuting from idol groups, started out our acting activities at around the same time. So we were being said as rivals. In such point of view, I think we are sort of rivals but in actual fact, we are really good friends.

Kim Hyun Joong’s roots, SS501

*      music and acting, which do you greed for?
Which ever it is, it is hard to choose, to me both of them are important. Currently preparing the album to target it for May next year. There are a lot of things that I would like to try out next year. I would also like to have Asia Fan Meeting and World Fan Meeting.
*      a lot of fans are worried about the future of SS501…
We have spent a few years being together almost everyday. We do not contact each other everyday like lovers do but we do tell about our status. As each members are in their new management company, we talk about things like each of our working life doing what kind of work.
*      are you in good terms with the members?
There isn’t any reason to become bad. Recently I had been mailing Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. For this year’s Christmas, I planned to spend it with Young Saeng and a few other friends.
*      when will we be able to see activities as SS501?
I will not be able to say when. It seems to look like it’s difficult to gather 5 of us to work but actually it’s simple. What is clear is that the 5 of us will gather together at any time for the fans. However I’m not making irresponsible comments for just wanting the fans to wait for us. I think that for now is the period for us to grow which is necessary for each of us. In due time, I want to hold a concert for all the fans.
*      what kind of concert would it be?
It will not be a profit earning concert. For the sake of fans that have waited for us, I want to have a concert where tickets will be cheaper and all the profits will be donated. But of course, this will have to be approved by each of our management companies else it will not be possible…. I would want to do that.
*      separated from the group and experienced having solo activities, surely you have realized the importance of the members?
During the time having activities as a group, the missing part of each can be filled up by other members but it is not possible when being alone. So I will have to work 5 times harder.

“Little Yong-sama” Kim Hyun Joong’s Challenge

v  since when the nickname “Little Yong-sama” was attached to the front of Hyun Joong’s name. Do you feel any pressure about it?
Whether or not, I must accept this challenge. Because Bae Yong Joon sunbae, I have became a little famous, I’m very thankful.
v  Among the overseas fans, is there any particular fans that left an impression?
I received letters written in Korean from a lot of overseas fans and a lot of them wrote very interesting things…(laughs). There is this particular Japanese fan. In the letter she wrote, “I love Hyun Joong more than my hubby.” Feeling a little troubled over it… (laughs)
v  have you mentioned that you wanted to get married early…?
I thought of getting married when I’m 30yrs old but when I really think about it and realized that this plan is out of the way…. Being a star, is to enjoy having the spotlight on own self but I still feel the pressure…. So be it either in love or married, I probably will not let anyone know about it…

Male group SS501 is accelerating into their solo activities.

After their exclusive contract ended with DSP Media last year, each of them moved to a new company, SS501 members are returning as solo singers one by one this year.

Coming in first is Park JungMin who released his solo album ‘Not Alone’ on 20-Jan. Even though his influence is not as great as when all members are together, he quench the thrist of fans who have been waiting for SS501 and gained popularity.

Magnae of the group Kim HyungJun took over the baton and will be making his comeback on 8-Mar. With the upcoming solo album release, he pre-released his new song ‘Girl’ on 28-Feb, determined to leave a deep impression on fans with ‘Solo Kim HyungJun’ through this solo activities.

Kim HyungJun is preparing for a large-scale promotional activities in Asia regions including Japan, along with his local activities.

SS501′s main vocal Heo YoungSaeng, who possesses great singing ability like none other, is also making his solo comeback soon. Originally set to make his comeback by end Feb, Heo YoungSaeng is planning to release his solo album in mid-March. Heo YoungSaeng’s agency B2M Entertainment spokesperson said to Newsen “Even though we have not decided on the comeback date yet, we are planning for his comeback in mid of March and is preparing for the performance.”
Heo YoungSaeng, with just the right mix of his captivating voice and polished dance skills from activities during SS501 time, he will be showing his best ability.

Leader of the group, Kim HyunJoong is also aiming for a comeback in May, and is currently producing his album. KeyEast spokesperson who met with us recently said “Kim HyunJoong is concentrating on the production of his solo album in order for his comeback in May. Currently we are collecting songs and are doing various production works, he is devoting himself to his solo album.”
With these, SS501 who is being loved as a member of a group having friendly competition, is expected to begin some rivalry among themselves for the time being.